Happiest little girl in the World!

Here is one of the happiest kids in the world. Although she has to have a least one shot every morning, she troops right through as though everything is the same. Up until about a month ago, everything was just fine. She had never been sick and most of her days were spent playing inside and outside. Then one day she said she had a stomich ach and that was that. As we sat in the waiting room at the hospital I expected to hear that I was an over protective mom and she was just fine. As expect, the doctor thought she was fine, "Just a little constipated" he said. Then he asked if he could do a CBC just to be safe. Within what seemed to be a few seconds, he came back in and starting saying things like, "she could die", "I need to send her somewhere else because she is really sick", and the clincher was "if you had waited one more day, she would be dead". WHAT? I did not understand. She is a healthy child and was just running around a couple of hours before. What did they mean she could die?
The next few hours were spent trying to call loved ones for support and prayers. When we arrived at Schneider Children's Hospital they put Mary-Ann in ICU until they could get her platelets and hemoglobin up a little bit. All of the strangers asking all sorts of questions, but they offered not answers at to what the emergency was, how it happened, and what comes next. All they could say was that her hemoglobins was 3 and her platelets were 7. At that point in time, I did not understand. All I knew was that my world would change forever.